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M-Series Fuel Gauge Fix?

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  • Electrical: M-Series Fuel Gauge Fix?

    I have been unsuccessful in make my fuel gauge reliable in my M15A-20. The over current contacts are shot. This is the two lead type where two resistive elements in the fuel sending unit control two bi-metal strips in the fuel gauge to control the pointer. The current in limited through the system by a set of contacts on one of the bi-metal strips. As the bi-metal heats up, the bi-metal strip opens the contact preventing over current damaging the fuel gauge elements.

    I was thinking, why not short the contacts out and regulate the current with a voltage regulator configured as a current regulator?

    Has anyone done anything like this or resolved the problem another way?

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    Unfortunately I can't help you with your fuel gauge. But did go to your blog, impressed with the amount of work you have done. Good Job!!

    Just the inspiration I needed to get me up out of the chair on a rainy North Carolina Saturday and down to the basement to finish up the door panel rebuilds for my '54 sedan............
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