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  • Engine: to rebuild or replace

    My 48 Champ 6 spins, but it's got 2 dead holes. Trying to decide if I should rebuild, maybe with some speed parts, or replace. I was thinking about replacing with AMC 4.0 six. I want my Champ to be able to cruise at highway speeds. Any ideas? I'd rather keep the 48 motor.

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    You need to contact Bill Cathcart, he offers six cylinder exchange motors in various levels of hop. He is listed in the vendors listing found on the Home Page.

    Having said that, I can't find it.

    Somebody else, jump in here and help this guy out.


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      I can't find his site either.


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        I'd pull the head and check the valves. Might be as simple as a couple of burnt ones or better yet just stuck. Pistons and or rings would have to be really bad to zero out compression and my guess is that all cylinders would be equally low if the engine was all that bad...just a thought.



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          If you do find some valves sticking up, lube them with PB Blaster or equivalent for a couple of days, then tap them gently with a brass hammer. Make sure they should be down before beating too hard on them. That could be the only problem. Stude engines are notoriously tough.


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            Rear end gearing will determine highway speeds. Unless you use an automatic transmission, any engine will spin as fast as the Champion does.


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              Bill Cathcart
              860 564 5852

              Good guy , does Champion six engines.
              Sold many , knows what he is doing!!


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                If the dead cylinders are next to each other it may simply be a head gasket blown between them.
                "Burning Bridges...Lost Forevermore"......


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                  very helpful guys, i would perfer to keep the flatty, saw one in a '50 at Goodguy's in Del Mar with finned head , 2 carbs, very cooool!