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  • Brakes: Dual Master Cylinder Conversion

    I would like to have my 1958 Packard Hardtop ("Packardbaker") brake system converted over to the Turner Brake Dual Master Cyclinder Deluxe Kit system. The car's overall brake system is in good shape (just had it completely gone over by my mechanic). It is a Hydrovac Power Brake setup.

    Has anyone had the experience of making this conversion on a car with a Hydrovac unit? In reading Bob Johnstone's web page on these units, my understanding is that the Hydrovac is a single circuit system. One suggestion Bob Johnstone makes is to install the Dual Master Cylinder with the Hydrovac operating the front brakes; the rear brakes would then be "manual." He states this gives a smooth stop.

    Another option is to remove the Hydrovac completely and have standard, manual braking on all four brakes. This would require swapping out the existing "short" brake pedal for a longer brake pedal. (Anyone know a supplier for those??)

    My mechanic thinks we should go with the Hydrovac Power Assist on the front and manual on the rear. He has experience in making the Dual Master Cylinder conversion on other antiques, but not Studebaker/Packards.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

    Thanks for any suggestions
    Robert R. Ebert