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Supercharging a 259?

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  • Engine: Supercharging a 259?

    Is it possible to make a supercharged 259 with a supercharger intake and pressure box off a '57 Hawk 289 and a later model Paxton Supercharger? (Like those found on Mustangs) And would an R1 or R2 cam work in such a thing? This would be using stock 259 heads. Any tips? I'm playing with the idea of building such an engine if it can be done. It's NOT for my '40 however, I'll explain in a later thread.
    Chris Dresbach

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    It's totally do able, and has been done similarily before. Hopefully Mr.Palma will see this and tell about his old Lark You got the parts?
    Dylan Wills
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      Originally posted by silverhawk View Post
      It's totally do able, and has been done similarily before. Hopefully Mr.Palma will see this and tell about his old Lark You got the parts?
      So far I have the intake and pressure box. I found a good 259 in a local salvage yard, but no supercharger or R series cam yet. I thought the later model supercharger might be a little easier to find (and cheaper) than a true Studebaker orange one. ?
      Chris Dresbach


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        If you don't want to mess with the Hi blow/Lo blow of the '57's, there are a lot of SN Paxtons available and they fit the mounts the same.
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          As far as the supercharger, when my supercharger went kablooey on my Lark a few years ago, I temporarily installed a Paxton SN-60 that came from a kit for a flathead Ford. The only difference was the pulley had to be switched, since the Ford's pulley had a nose on it, and it wouldn't clear the fan. Later when we sent in the blower from our Avanti, we swapped in an SN-89 until the blower was repaired. It was about the same thing, the only difference was the nose, except the blower was bare aluminum, and it put out a little more than the original Paxton did. The other thing was both blowers had to be clocked to match the position of the inlet hose to the carburetor input. The Paxtons are funny like that in that they didn't just sell those blowers specifically to Studebaker, they sold them to anybody that was using them.
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            Yep; circa 1966, I built a sleeper-driver Commonwealth Edison Tan 1960 Lark Regal 4-door with 259 / column-shift overdrive using R2 components: SN-60 blower, R2 water pump manifold, and R2 carb. 'Also installed an R1/R2 cam in the process. The car was a holy terror; it really was. A superchargd 259 winds up 'way faster than a longer-stroke 289. Genetics, I think, or something like that. <GGG> BP
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