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Avanti ll Steering box Removal

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  • Steering: Avanti ll Steering box Removal

    Hi Guys I'm trying to remove the steering box, control valve, rag joint, and drag link from a high miles 1976 Avanti ll I will be replacing the steering box, rag joint, and control valve and also installing new hoses. What is the best way to remove from the car it looks pretty tight under there. Can I take it out as a complete unit or what steps should I do first. I am working with the car on jackstands in a garage no lift. I have all the items from a very low mileage Avanti ll that was totaled. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Caveat: I have a Stude, not an Avanti II, but I understand the configuration is similar. The steering box, control valve, and exhaust manifold and head pipe make for an exquisite Rubik's cube down there. It will seem for a while that you can't remove any of the three without the other two being out.

    Mine came out when I loosened all three, disconnected the box from the control valve, and wiggled the box out. I found that a lot of staring, eye-rolling, and head-shaking, punctuated by periodic loud cursing, helped. Afterwards you may need an adult beverage.

    Maybe one of the other guys has a better method. Best of luck.



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      Thanks Tom, I had no trouble getting all the bolts loose and off. But I'm having trouble getting things apart and out from under the car. I've tried the staring, eye-rolling, and head-shaking, punctuated by periodic loud cursing to no avail. But when all else fails I guess I will have to try try again.


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        steering box removal

        I just went through this on mine ('72 Avanti II with Ross steering box). I used a pickle fork and separated the control valve from the steering box at the pitman arm shaft. I then tried to wiggle the steering box by itself out the top, but I was unsucessful - it looked like I would have to move the brake booster and possibly the exhaust manifold. Instead I decided to cut away a section of the inner feder - about 4"x6" - and remove the steering box there. After I put the box back in I re-attached the inner fender cut-out with a piece of piano hinge, and now I have a little access door for making the steering box adjustment and accessing the #5 and #7 sparkplugs.