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Need window motor gears

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    My 88Avanti needs the plastic gear & rollers for a power window motor. I know I've replaced one before,just can't recall where I got the parts. Chemo treatments and radiation therapy have played hell with my memoty, so I'm looking for some help! Thanks in advance. ""

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    Text says 88, your signature says '78...I know these will work on an '88.

    Readily available...Cardone 42-94 Look up 76 Chrysler fro an application. There are rebuilt and new same price I think. The motors will work also except that the left and right are swapped on the Avanti. There are rectangular bodied motors and rounded style. Rounded style interferes a little bit with the regulator but with a little filing it will work fine, FYI>



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      I show Bob Lyle as owning a 78...
      64 GT Hawk (K7)
      1970 Avanti (R3)


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        If the motor is this style and the gear looks like the one picured the 78 and 88 are the same. Frequently, the problem is not the gear but the 3 fiber 'peelets inside. They disintegrate and the gear skips and eventually the outside part turns but the metal gear that contacts the regulator doesn't. Those pellets are available also but the gears are cheap enough I just buy the unit.

        Click image for larger version

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          Window motor gears

          Actually, I own both a 78 & 88 Avanti; right now I need the gear and the 'pellets' for the 88. One motor ate the pellets and the other motor cracked the plastic inner gear! I've scavenged the parts from one to fix the other so now I need both! I think Mike Gaither ordered a complete motor assy a couple of years back to fix a rear window problem for me but I have no idea who to call for the parts now. Dang Mike Kelley for effectively losing all those Avanti parts! I hate to pay for a complete motor assy if I don't have to. . They were about $200 last time. Anyone have a bad motor that I could scavenge the gears from? Thaks for the help, you guys are the best!


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   I said in previous post Cardone 42-94 available everywhere not expensive, gear only.,ca...parttype,10733

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              Also noticed it looks like part # 82-94 is a new gear, no core and cheaper than rebuilt.

              I did both windows on my '88 Avanti and know these are right and work properly.

              Check for binding, that the 3 bolts on the triangular mount are not too long and hitting the regulator and that the motor, if it's a replacement shaped like the one on the right in my picture, is not contacting the regulator. The pellets wear on there own but a cracked gear could mean there's some type of interference.