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Help Decipher Axle Markings 51 Champion

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  • Rear Axle: Help Decipher Axle Markings 51 Champion

    Good evening, all. I copied down all the markings from my 51 Champion axle, and did not see a clear guide on reading the housing or tag markings:

    Raised numbers on the housing, 26
    On a metal tag, attached about 2:00 position: W 46
    On a larger tag: Hypoid Lub

    Is this a Model 26? Can I tell what ratio this is from the information above?

    This is a Champion with a DG-200 automatic, if that matters. When I get the transmission rebuilt, it will get a new governor, and I need to see what kind of gear(s) I might need for the speedo - had the speedo rebuilt, new cable core, still nothing. But with a later (1953) model transmission in it, I want to be sure to get the right speedo gear(s).

    Virginia Beach

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    It is a 26. Divide the 46 by 13 and the ratio is 3.53.
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      Thanks, Rockne!



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        Originally posted by rockne10 View Post
        It is a 26. Divide the 46 by 13 and the ratio is 3.53.
        3.5384 would be more commonly though of as a 3.54. This was a common ratio used with automatics both 6 and V8 in the 50s, but was also available with standard and overdrive. I don't have books for the 26, but 3.54 was also used with the 23, 27, and 44.


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          Thanks, Jim. I shouldn't need books for it for now - it's working okay. I'll get to doing precautionary wheel /axle bearing and seal replacement later in the year, but
          I needed to match the gear ratio to the speedo gear chart. Especially important, since my auto trans is from a later year (late 53) and the DG-200 trans serial number
          says it was built to install in a 54 Hudson.