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  • Steering: Bell crank shims

    I'm rebuilding the steering bell crank on my lark soon and had a question. I ordered the bell crank rebuild kit along with a shop manual form SI, I thought I had everything i needed by ordering the rebuild kit but after consulting the manual I found out the I need a shaft seal (525007) and I'm supposed to assemble it and measure the end play in the crank so I can measure for spacer shims. I don't want to have the car apart to wait for another order to come in for the shims so I was hoping someone knew a rough ball park of what might be needed so I can order them in advance, I'm ok with ordering a good handfull of them but I no idea of what sizes might even be needed. Thanks!

    Cheers Josh.

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    Is your car apart now? If not, then just see how much you have now and guage by that.
    use a feeler guage.


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      In the assembly diagram it shows that a shim is already installed, so are the ones that I'm going to be ordering used in addition the the factory one for does it get replaced with the new correct one. If it is used in addition I like your idea of just measuring the unit while still in the car. Thanks