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1949 Studebacker truck motor

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  • Engine: 1949 Studebacker truck motor

    Hey guys new here to the forum and I'm recently in negotiations for a 1949 Studebacker pick up project, I'm told the motors froze but to what extent I don't know YET, so my question is this; what brand of V8 is the easiest to drop in a 49 Stude? Obviously you can MAKE any motor fit w/a lil fab work but I wanted to know if there's a particular brand of motor Ford, Chevy, Olds, Pontiac, Buick, Mopar etc etc that would drop in w/little to no major fab? I currently have 2 Olds motors: an early 80s 307 complete and a 425 big block as well as rebuilt turbo350 trans and an 80 Olds Cutlass Supreme that I can use to make the swap thanks in advance guys

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    In the hot rod tradition....use what you have!
    It depends on how you want to use the vehicle, and how deep your pockets are.
    Big block for tire melting fun, or small(er) engine for fuel sipping cruising.
    Biggest bugaboo will be the exhaust clearance around the steering.
    Toronado rear sump helps. Check those pesky aluminum rocker arm pivots on the 425.
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      Thanks For the input Bez, the 425 would be ALOT of fun but as you said the 307 would be good for a LIL more fuel econ. as it's not stock but if I use the 425 I'd like to use a 4-speed BUT I'll need to check the Stude. motor to see if I can free it up or if it's a goner, time will tell on that


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        The easiest motor to drop in there with little fabrication is a...STUDEBAKER!!! These motor are often amazingly revived. BTW: There is no "C" in STUDEBAKER. Might help in your searching on the internet.
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