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Door hand and window handle spring

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  • Interior: Door hand and window handle spring

    The windlace on the 62 Hawk was coming off, so I had the upholstery shop repair it. While the car was there, I asked them to remove the door panels since I didn't have the tools or desire to remove them myself. I decided to have them removed so I could install some dynamat sound proofing. They removed them and put the parts on the rear floorboard.

    I've installed the dynamat, now its time to put the door panels back. The above referenced spring... does it go beneath the door panel or outside the door panel, between the spacer and estutcheon? I can't remember and can't find a reference in the repair manual or parts catalog to tell me.
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    Behind the door panel.
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      Just curious - what's the reason for that spring being there? What exactly does it do?

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        The spring holds the door panel against the window handle bezel, which in turn presses on the window handle. This helps keep the window winder in the place where you stopped winding it. Some other manufacturers used foam rubber instead of a spring. Much cheaper. Of course, a few years down the road, the foam rubber gave up the ghost and the window winder flopped around.

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