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  • Engine: Oil Pressure Found

    It's confession time. I posted about my rebuilt engine not having oil pressure. The most it had was 30 lbs maximum but on occassion the gage would mysteriously go to 65 lbs but drop right back. Well I took the timing cover off and found that some stupid person (me) forgot to put the bolts in the plate that hold the camshaft in place. I assembled the retainer and gear on the camshaft and then put it in the block. The aluminum gear hid it and I got distracted and never put the bolts in I guess the retainer would spin around and sometimes cover the bolt holes and I would have oil pressure but most of the time not. It now has 65 lbs cold with an hot idle pressure of 30 lbs. Hot pressure at operating speed is about 60 lbs. So all is right with my engine and you can laugh at my mistake. Thanks for the suggestions on my earlier post.


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    Intermediate Oil Press loss found!

    I am glad you found it, and no Studebakers were harmed in the process! That has to be one of the strangest oil pressure losses I have ever heard of, I think you stumped us all on that one!

    Thanks for stepping up to the plate to share that unusual situation, that took a lot of humility to say.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner