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    Can anyone recommend a Transporter in Ohio area? Need my car shipped to Northeast PA and want someone tried and true? Thanks, J

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    Lots of previous discussions on this. But my 2 cents is DAS ( Dependable Auto Shippers ). I've used them numerous times not the cheapest but you can track your car over the Internet and pick up or drop off at a depot if you want to save a couple of dollars. I like that they have physical locations that you can walk into and talk face to face with someone if there's a problem, although I've never had to.



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      Frankly- it depends on the driver

      I have had cars transported a half dozen times cross country over the years. Unless you use one of the high end enclosed carrier companies, fact is, rarely will the company you call actually do the transport. They go on the "wire" and look for someone who is advertising that they are already going from area A to area B and have room on board for a car.

      I have had cars show up on large professional looking car carriers nestled in between new Infinitis and Lexuses. I have had one arrive on the back of a flatbed that made me cringe. And I had one experience where a car was sprayed throughout its journey by a leaky hydraulic hose on the carrier, ruining the paint.

      Unless you are going to use one of the high end white - glove carriers, choose a place that seems professionally run and is responsible. For my last move I used AA Automovers in Denville NJ, but I guarantee you the driver who brought me my car didn't work for them, he was hired because he had a spot on his truck.


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        May I suggest the following link http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...p?3665-pegaleg.

        Peg has done work for several folks on the forum JDP amongst them and is conscientious and reliable. She is as Bill describes a broker, but certainly one you can trust from what people have reported about her services.
        John Clements
        Christchurch, New Zealand


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          Typically unless you're shipping in a 'white glove' truck you're dealing with a broker.

          Having recently moved a car (bought in January and not delivered until last week). I can definitely say don't hire Transport Kings. They had a good TransportReviews score but their BBB rating (which I didn't think to check) is a solid F. They get their up front commission and then they're basically done.

          After finally giving up on them (they came up with excuse after excuse, and no I did not get my 'deposit' back ) Honesty First Auto Transport got it shipped for me and didn't charge me until they had it on a truck.


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            This is one of several that Peg's Trucking arranged the shippimg for. I wonder which car got the most looks from Florida to Texas. I received this R2 Hawk 4 days after I called Peg. Peg always gave me the name of the Transport Company and cell number of the driver. She also informs the transporter of the proper way to secure Studebakers on the trailer. (Tire straps) Fair prices, no complaints.