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    Hudson used Studebaker (Detroit Gear) transmissions in 1954 because HydraMatics were not
    available due to the GM transmission plant burning down in 1953.
    Hudson used Packard engines and Ultramatic transmissions in 1955/56 on some models.
    Before that Hudson used HydraMatics
    Robert Kapteyn


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      I have in stock a DG-250M This is first gear start. This will also fit on your car. This transmission was year only in 1955


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        Thanks for the info, Robert.
        Roy, I may take you up on the 250M offer, but this one does shift pretty well. If I can get the governor linkage bracket sorted out, it should work okay. After -finally- understanding about 2nd gear
        start (appears this one is) I know it shifts smoothy into from Intermediate to High, and Low works fine as a separate notch on the selector. The only two issues are bogging down while idling in gear (characteristic of governor linkage problems), and it seems to slip when using Reverse on an incline, such as my service ramps or driveway. Not sure yet how hard it will be to find that Hudson bracket (wrote to the Hudson forums), or perhaps I'll see if I could modify a Stude bracket to clear the interference. Tomorrow, I'm getting under there one last time to play around with the Stude linkage to see if it will connect if install the bracket pointed further to the rear of the car. At 9:00, the nut/bolt hit the casing of the extension; I did see one shop manual pic of it pointing at 7:00 position / not perpendicular, though most pics do show a 9:00 /perpendicular view. My bracket does go on, but there's no room for the nut/bolt that keep it on there at the 9:00 position. I'll have to feel for the tension as the governor hits the engaged/disengaged positions - the rod is long enough for some adjustment.

        Question to anyone running a DG-200: Is your governor linkage pointing at 9:00/ compared to the car's centerline, or pointing further back? If further back, I might get the nut/bolt on.

        Clarence in Virginia Beach


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          Roy, I want to weigh my options. Would you email me with details on how complete the DG-250-M is, and its condition,
          and price you have in mind? I see that many Champion sixes had a DG-150. Any reason a 250 can't be used with a six?



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            Roy, there are a couple of other items I'd like to find if you are parting out Champions, additional to resolving my transmission problem. Raining today on my patio where I work on it, so will get back
            under it tomorrow one last time to see if the 51 Stude bracket will fit if I turn it toward the rear of the car, clearing the interference from the "bump-out" in the extension housing. Being careful
            to feel for the free travel and slack spot to hook it up, of course.

            Parts I'd like to replace:
            Pitted chrome: door and window handles, dash trim pieces.
            I need an inner fender or patch panel for one to patch a hole under the battery.
            Accessory gas door guard for 51.
            Passenger side door lock with the flipper cover intact.
            Working choke, complete.