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Running out of gas resolved, you won't believe it!

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  • Fuel System: Running out of gas resolved, you won't believe it!

    Since I purchased my car 5 years ago it runs out of gas after using 8 gallons without exception. I was told that the gas line in the tank runs in the bottom than loops up and back down towards the bottom of the tank. So I figured that the guy before me (he passed away) had the car sitting for quite some time and the condensation ate a hole into the line at the 8 gal mark causing it to suck air. So today we proceeded to remove the tank and I was going to send it out to be fixed. As we looked into the tank we could see the entire gas line which, much to my surprise, layed on the bottom had a small curve to it and was about 10 inches long. At the end of the line laying in front of it on the bottom of the tank we could see something that looked like a dried piece of some type of sealer. I put a small hose through the gas line pushing the object away from the end of the line. We than were able to retrieve it. Now, you may ask why would that make the car run out of gas at exactly 8 gallons every time, but it did?! I think the added pressure of the top 8 gallons allowed the gas to flow through the line, but as soon as I used 8 gallons I ran out of gas. Problem fixed! Who would of thought?
    Jim Rostron

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    I remember in the '60's we would put a ping pong ball in the gas tanks of people we did not like....when the tank would get lower than say 1/4 th of a tank it would suck the pingpong ball to the gas lne and stall th car. Then th ball would float up allowing them to restart the car and go a little way and stall halo is firmly supported by my horns!!!