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    I called my mechanic friend minutes ago and he too said it's the gas. He said I should start putting 1-2 gallons of diesel in it everytime I filled up. You ever heard of that one? He said it would keep the fuel from vaporizing. He had my car Thurs. and said he can't find a damn thing wrong with anything. He has the info you gave me months ago, I had adjusted everything back then. He said it was close to perfect. I took the car to the cruise in Sat. and there I sat for a hour trying to get the bi_ch to start. It was hot since I drove it 35 miles. ps folloewd your rebuild blog, damn your motor and all is looking GREAT !
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      Sounds like a combo of heat & modern gas. You could carry a large electric house fan & extension cord in the trunk. Then, when you get to the cruise-in, nonchalantly plug in the fan and sit it in front of the radiator. Then, give it at least an hour with the fan blowing on it and it will probably start right up. Then, just as nonchalantly, return the fan to the trunk and drive away. Maybe nobody will even notice the fan.
      The above is in jest, but more true than not. The problem will probably persist till the weather turns cool. I guess Stude V8s aren't as bad as sixes, but they're still bad enough about hot restarts. I still have not tried the gallon or so of diesel in the tank, but some folks swear by that as a way to keep the gas from vaporizing out of the carb and then settling into the intake.


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        Three words - electric fuel pump. Mount it back by the gas tank, out of sight, with a hidden switch under the dash. When you have trouble starting, turn it on and wait until it stops ticking. Turn it off, start the engine.