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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Flightomatic 123 shift

    I was just looking over a '56 Studebaker brochure and I see that they advertised the Flightomatic with first gear starts: " you always take off in "low" gear. Then (the) Flightomatic automatically shiftes into intermediate and direct drive without so much as a whisper"
    So do the '56 Flightomatic models actually shift 123?
    I'd like to get a 123 shift but I'm told that using the 123 6 cyl valve body results in hard shifts from low to intermediate ranges.

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    Yes, the very early '56 Flight O Matics were low gear start.

    The 6 cylinder valve body will give you a very "hard" downshift from 2-1.


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      You must mean for your 66 with the 283. You should have been there for the PEI tour, and driven in my 57 Champion. Even with the 185, it is 'crisp and firm' on the 1-2 and the 2-1. I doubt that you would like it at all with a V8; it needs a more meaningful 1st and less of a gap to second.


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        Originally posted by Jim B PEI View Post
        You must mean for your 66 with the 283./Cut/
        The '65 and '66 V-8's all have second gear start.
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