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needed door sill plates for 53 c coupe

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  • Other: needed door sill plates for 53 c coupe

    I am in need of door sill plates for a 53 c coupe. new ones are pricy at about 295.00
    any one have a pair that they would sell at a reasonable price....thank you 53 stude mod.
    i could also use a passenger side wing window frame with or without glass..again thanks

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    The last NOS sill plates that I had I sold for $100 each and that was years ago. The new repros are supposed to be better shaped than the first repros. I wouldn't consider buying the early repros. I think that it will be hard to find show condition sill plates for less than the new repros are selling for. You will probably be able to find usable, driver quality, sill plates for less. I do not know what quality you are loking for.

    If you have factory tinted glass, I would hold out for a wing window frame with good glass. These should be available. I do not think that anyone is correctly matching the factory tint. If you have clear glass, I would still go with the frame with glass. You didn't say if you need tint or clear.
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      Last nos set I have sold on e-bay a couple of years ago for $817.00 the guy just had to have them, I have a better than average set of used one here.
      Castro Valley,


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        I have the early production sill plates for $160./pr, but they don't fit as well as the ones SI has presently.Also have some well-used ones. You get what you pay for & pay for what you get...
        Barry'd in Studes