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Avanti Alignment specs

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  • PackardV8
    The stock specifications work fine. I always crank in all the positive caster the trunnions will accept. Problem is, most Studes won't get past zero, much less any positive caster.

    If you have all new parts, you may be able to get to zero camber. Most worn cars will have positive camber, wanted or not.

    jack vines

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  • sweetolbob
    started a topic Steering: Avanti Alignment specs

    Avanti Alignment specs

    Tomorrow the 83 Avanti goes in for it's front end alignment.

    Searching the forums suggests the following:

    Posted by StudeRich
    Are you sure you want to run Negative Camber?

    Most cars and certainly Studebaker suspensions go negative with heavier loads and in turns, and are never SET negative, positive is used for minimal tire wear.

    Most alignment shops say you can run a bit less toe-in with Radials, than with bias ply tires.

    Avanti suspensions are all Studebaker up to 1985, so it should be the same as your '64 which is:

    Caster, +1/4" to -1 1/4" with no more than 1/2 degree variance between wheels.

    Camber: 0 to +1 with 1/2 degree more + on drivers' side.

    Toe-in: with left wheel straight ahead, and gear on high spot, adjust right tie rod to 1/16 to 1/8 on Power Steering cars.
    There are posts with up to -2 caster.

    Is there some more input that I should give the shop.

    A couple of data points:
    1-The Avanti wears 215 60R 15 radials on 8" rims
    2-The front suspension has been totally rebuilt with a complete kit from SI as has been the rear.
    3-The shop that I'm taking it to is the best in the area and has done a couple of Studebakers in the past as well as speciality rods and trucks by the hundreds. I trust them as they have continuously been in this business for 40 years or so and have done all my street rods and foreign cars.

    In just looking for tips that I might share with Dave to get the optimum setup.

    Thanks in advance, Bob