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Need help with splash aprons and door corner seal--

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  • Body / Glass: Need help with splash aprons and door corner seal--


    I have a 1955 Studebaker 2 door sedan, and I am trying to locate some parts that I need.

    I believe they are called a door corner seal.

    When looking under the hood, back towards the cowl, and underneath the left and right hood hinges are- (3) holes. It looks like these were used for the round retainer fasteners.

    These are located on the inner part of the left and right fenders.

    When I got the car, all of the round retainers were missing. It looked like these were to fasten a heavy duty rubber type of shield there.

    The part number I see in the Studebaker International catalog is Part# 1337344-5.
    The description of this is a door corner seal. Is this what I need, if not, where can I find the parts? These evidently were on most of the sedans from what I can see.

    If it is, where can I get the shield and the round retainers needed?
    My splash aprons and staples are also gone too. Where can I find them as well as the staples? What is the best way to install them?

    I do have the chassis and body parts catalog as well.
    Any help provided will be a greatly appreciated!


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    I think that what you are looking for is called a "fender corner seal" page 88 of SI catalogue shows them part number 1338424 but they are for 1961 - 66 Larks. I know I bought them for my '66 they clip on with the part n 1483X1. There is no listing for the same part for a '55 (I have a President) however a friend of mine just gave me a pair and I think he bought them from SI a little while ago, I have not yet tried them. I hope to check them out tomorrow to see if they fit. They were about $9.00 each. The clips that fits the 1961-1966 should work.
    The splash apron you are looking for is also on page 88 of the SI catalogue part number 304810 cost $18.50 they are held on with staples also listed on the same page part number 801930 cost $2.00 set (20 in a set).

    The part number you listed I could not find in my catalogues.

    Note: I checked out the ones my friend gave me and they will have to be modified to fit. (2011/04/12). I think that they were for a C,K or Hawk body style.
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