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Need confirmation of engine size

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  • Engine: Need confirmation of engine size

    Hi All,

    I have a 1962 Lark with a v8. I have a potential buyer who would like to know the displacement of the engine.

    I got the number stamped on the front driver's side of the block. It was a little rusty but it appears to be "VC2 (3?) 972"

    I used the charts on this site and it seems it might be a v8 from a 1963 car. Is that possible? or am I just reading the numbers wrong?

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    The VC on the stamped pad indicates a 259 c.i. V-8 that was originally installed in a Hamilton production vehicle. This can be confirmed by removing a spark plug & seeing a flat top piston. 289's had a dished piston (except R series engines found in Avanti's & Avanti powered cars but they werent available until 1963 production)
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      Agreed it was built for a Canadian car, but I find your numbers a little confusing. Are there 5 numbers? Or just 4 numbers?