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  • Engine: What oil filter

    Went to FLAPS this afternoon to get a oil filter for my 63 Hawk with 289,all they carry are Fram & I've been using Wix.I didn't bring the Wix # for cross reference,what is the correct Fram filter...Thanks

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    Avoid the Fram; stick with WIX or Hastings.
    But, if you must: PH11

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      60-72 Buick, Olds, and Pontiac V8.


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        AC PF24, NAPA 1049, Baldwin B9 or B39. I would stay away from Fram filters as I've had a couple of them leak. Bud


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          I agree...avoid FRAM. They used to make a quality filter but the company has been under several different corporate owners since the days of "Pay me now or pay me later" ads. The current ownership has cheapened the product and appears to want to ride on their past reputation.

          There's better filters available.
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            When Fram was part of Allied-Signal they made a good filter here in the U.S. After the Allied-Honeywell merge in 2002, they started to go down hill. I think Honeywell has sold them off. Probably made in China like everything else.


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              Thanks gents,I normally avoid the Fram filters but I was stuck .....


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                I have a box load of Fram filters but have had them for a long time is there a way or a date on the box to look for but I am sure they are older than 2002.
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                  Hastings Filter Number is:

                  LF-212 Still made in Hastings Michigan
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