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Steering Gear for a '53 Commander, 3-speed stick shift on the column

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  • Steering: Steering Gear for a '53 Commander, 3-speed stick shift on the column

    My '53 Commander is actually parts cobbled together from Studebakers from 1953-64, many of the parts from Hawks. I bought a shell on a frame with a back seat and 3-speed with overdrive. Everything else on the finished car is stuff I picked up here and there, including a few things I had in my own barn.

    For the steering, I used the steering gear and shaft from a 1964 2-door Daytone HT with power steeriing. I first tried it with the power steering from the Daytona, but I did not like the way the car handled, so I took off the power steering. But that leaves me with a 20.1 steering gear, and it is hard to turn corners, park, etc. I think I need a 24.1 steering box.

    Now to further complicate things, I have no idea of what year and model the steering column jacket with 3 on the tree came out of, though looking at the 1951-54 and 1959-64 parts manuals, it looks very similar to what they show for 1953-54 Commanders and Champions and 1959-61 All Models.

    So, here is my question: Besides 1953-54 Commanders and Champions, what years and models w/o power steering will provide me with a 24.1 steering gear and post that will fit my steering post jacket?
    Stan Gundry

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    None that would be a direct fit for your application.


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      It is my understanding that the ratios in the Power and Manual Steering Gears are all the same.

      However, the '63 and on Wagonaire and Convertibles with MANUAL Steering, use the slower, easier to steer gearbox.

      It would be the same length shaft as your "64 Daytona, but I don't understand how that would be long enough, unless your '53 Commander is a Sedan.