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Flywheel/crank bolts.

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  • Clutch / Torque Converter: Flywheel/crank bolts.

    I have removed the flex-plate to crank bolts from the auto trans set up now need to locate the longer manual trans ones. I have tapped the crank before to accept bolts through the flywheel but because I am putting in a new rear main seal and will have easy access. Where do I get them?

    By the way the flex-plate was in two pieces and only held together by the bolts. A friend of mine makes new 2mm thick flex-plates if anyone is interested.

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    Start with these guys.


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      But I learned that the V8 bolts are the same as the OHV/Champion six manual bolts. I have a few of those. I don't know what I was thinking as I was going to put the same trams behind the six any way. If any one has some laying around I could procure then I will not have to pull one of the sixes apart. I will if there are none available though.