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steering gear adjustment

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  • steering gear adjustment

    As expected on a 50 year old car, I have some play in the steering gear. Is there any adjustement to tighten it or does it require rebuilding or replacment? I'm Looking forwad to driving to South Bend and would like it to be a little tighter.
    1953 Commander hardtop

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    If you haven't done so already, find out exactly where the play is (could be more than one place). Put the car on jack stands and get under it while you have a helper move the steering wheel back and forth just in the "play" area...without moving the front tires. Check tie rod ends (both ends), center bell crank, reach rod ends, and the pitman arm on the steering box. You should also check your kingpin play (procedure in shop manual). If you find it's the steering box where the play is, the manual outlines the procedure for adjustment. A common mistake is to over tighten the adjustment which then makes the box bind in turns.

    If you have a Ross box (likely), they weren't the best. Wore out pretty quick. If that is where your play is, it will probably need rebuilding

    Also, these cars had more play in them from the factory than a modern car. Don't condemn what you have by comparing it to a new Lexus.

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA


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      I actually have the same play in the steering wheel and the mechanic I had look at it says that there's enough where tightening it up will definitely make it bind.

      So I am wondering if I can buy a steering Box Already rebuilt, or an aftermarket replacement that just bolts in place?

      What options do I have. I have the TA12 I believe from my 1957 3E11 3/4 Ton Transtar

      Mike '57 Transtar