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Regular Vs. Oil bath air cleaner

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  • Fuel System: Regular Vs. Oil bath air cleaner

    I did some digging in my Studebaker parts and refound and old oil bath air cleaner for my '40. Since I bought the car it has had a regular dry air filter. I've never used the oil bath one. Which one is typically better to use?
    Chris Dresbach

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    from what i read in the owner's manual (i think), it sounded like the oil bath filter was for use on dirt and dusty roads. the dry one was for cars mainly used in the city.

    mine has the oil bath, because that was what was on it when i bought it...
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      All things equal, an oil bath air cleaner does a better job of doing what it is supposed to do: filtering incoming air.

      But maintenance is messier and is best done more frequently to run at peak efficiency, so they were an option for the most part. BP
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