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Temperature gauge

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  • Temperature gauge

    I think the temperature gauge in the Daytona, went south
    sometime, permanetly, at somepoint. Either that or it is
    the coldest running car, I have ever had! What is the best
    way to check or what would you check 1st?. I am also a little
    wary of the gasoline, but the oil and amp, seem to be fine!

    I see Sudebaker Intl sales them for $65.00 a pop or are there
    any other sources and should I replace all 4 to be safe?, if
    I find there isn't a connection issue.

    Thanks....I am not a mechanic...but would like to know how to
    "root" things out.[8D]

    glen Brose
    Tumbleweed Flats, AZ

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    Probably the simplest thing is to use a kitchen type thermometer to check on the temperature once it is in the normal operating range. I would suspect thet your car has a termostat in the 170-180 degree range. At leat you will know what temperature range your car is running.

    Once you have immersed the thermometer in the anti-freeze, DO NOT return it to the kitchen inventory. Just buy your wife a new one.


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      Thanks Gary...that is easy enough!

      glen Brose
      Tumbleweed Flats, AZ


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        Next, suspect your sending unit before you look at the gauge. Then suspect your wiring..... Always look at the least expensive things first.


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          Thanks backwards to weed out the culprit!

          Appreciate the post!

          glen Brose
          Tumbleweed Flats, AZ