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'53 Commander Coupe - driveshaft is not the Beach Boys "Good Vibrations"

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    Originally posted by johnod View Post

    The only mention I found was in some of your older posts.
    Do you suppose it's a left over from the 53-4, 2 piece driveshaft parts bin?
    (If I understand correctly 55 is a single drive shaft?)

    Sounds very wrong, I'm surprised it works.
    But I'm often surprised.
    *MY* '55 is a one piece shaft, but they weren't that way from the factory until '58. However, if there's any difference in pinion angle between pre-58 and later RA housings, it's only a couple degrees.

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      A friend found this and I thought I would post the link for others to try to understand some of the fine points of aligning driveshafts:

      Being as it is from Spicer, I think it is like getting it from the horse's mouth.

      OOPS! I now see that this link is already on the thread. Sorry!
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        So far testing my 57 Hawk at about 55 MPH I too hear a shudder or what I would call a angry Tasmanian Devil sound from right below the seat only when I hit a bump in the road, then it goes away. Sounds just like a worn bearing shaking loosely but just for a moment...

        I thought that may be a bad center bearing though.. I'll be taking the drive shafts out for balancing but was wondering if this is a common bearing or only available through the Studebaker vendors? Hopefully it is OK and can be repacked but I may just get a new one.


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          Originally posted by HammondA100 View Post
          Hopefully it is OK and can be repacked but I may just get a new one.
          don't know about yours, but the one I took out, and the replacement one were both sealed type of bearings.
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            The bearing was available at NAPA (No Auto Parts Available....JOKE!), but the bearing alone cost more than the '58-64 GM carrier bearing assembly, which uses the same bearing.
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