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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Need dimensions.

    I need the dimensions of the rear engine/bellhousing mount. Bolt holes center to center, height, and any thing else that might help. Right now I dont have one and I'm trying to set up, and dial in, the belhousing and transmission.

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    Just go ahead and dial the Housing in, you can't support the Engine with the Mount anyway if you are Dialing it in the Car.
    Add it when you get the New one, with Engine in or out doesn't matter, just before final install.

    The Rightmost pair of holes in your Crossmember will match Two of the holes, the other two the Bellhousing. Same center to center on the Mount.
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      Although I am installing the bellhouseing and will be dialing it in I need the dimensions because I want to use a mount that is none genuine Studebaker so I can get it at the FLAPS. This way I can get it done tomorrow. I need to put the new trans in and fabricate a bracket for the floor shifter as well as make a mount for the clutch mechanism. The trans is a Ford Toploader so I'm doing all this on a spare complete running chassis with V8 and auto. I need to do many more hours of tinkering and don't want to spend the $70 for a mount just yet. This way once it's done it should be an easy swap to my driver. The bolt centers I can work out but I need the installed height of the mount.