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Carb vs. Air Cleaner

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  • Carb vs. Air Cleaner

    It has been years(lots of them) since I have been inside a WCFB carb. I was taking the air cleaner apart to repaint it, and screwed the stud that goes thru the center of the air cleaner out to clean it. Now, it will not go back in[xx(]. The stud just drops to the bottom of the hole. It acts like there was a nut in the bottom of the hole in the center of the carb that held that stud in place, and that by taking it out, I have somehow lost the nut. What, in my ignorance, have I done? And what will it take to fix it? I have looked in the shop manual, and it does not address this area of the carb. I have not started the car, for fear that I have dropped something into the carb, although I cannot see it(eyesight isn't what it used to be). Help!

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    I am worried that I have stumbled onto something that no one wants to touch. That is worrysome. A little further info, I did not force the stem out of the carb. It was finger tight.


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      If I remember right that screw might have different diameters on either end. If your looks that way, try the fatter end and it should fit.
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        There is no nut on the bottom. The cover is threaded, sounds like you could have striped it out. If you didn't want to get the cover fixed, you could put some JB weld on the stud and push it back in the whole for a quick fix. If you go that way make sure everything is clean so you have a good bond.

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          Thanks, that is what I was afraid of. The fat end just slides to the bottom. Great. I will fix it. Thanks for the info.