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Ford differential in a 56 Hawk

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  • Rear Axle: Ford differential in a 56 Hawk

    Can anyone tell me if there is an correct width Ford 8" or 9" differential that will fit into my Hawk with minimum difficulties, I would like to find a correct width housing that didn't require narrowing/cutting down axles. My original differential is geared wrong + both brake drums are cracked from not being taken off correctly. I woud like to have the drop-out carrier capabilities of the ford so I could swap gears from time to time. I've been told that the mid 70's Maverick 8" & early 57-59 9"will fit in but don't have measurements to know for sure at this time. Any definitive answers?

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    I don't know if the Hawk is the same as a 56 Wagon or not. But I have a 1994 Ford Exploder rear end in myy 56 wagon. If I remember right it is 58 inches flange to flange. I will check to see if I am right.


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      Tried a search? This gets covered about once a month.

      jack vines


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        The 8" from a maverick will fit but:

        1. You have to move the spring perches. Don't recall if its in or out. You might have to change them anyway to get the correct driveshaft angle.
        1a. The OD of the tube is a bit larger than the #44 axle so you need new U bolts and may need to modify the spring plate hole to slot them.
        2. Its about 1-1/2" narrower from flange to flange where the wheels mount. I use 6" ford crown vic rims on mine with 5/8" spacers and longer studs. I am not drag racing or have a high powered engine tho. If you are using wider rims or deep offset ones, probably don't need spacers to get the tires centered.
        3. May need to change the rear U joint on your driveshaft. Dunno, as I had a custom shaft made for my setup. The Maverick uses small U bolts to hold the caps.

        Jeff in ND


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          57 through 59 Ford rears drop right in the pads are just slightly wider than the Stude. But if you set one side on, the other side you will have to pull the spring out about a 1/2" or so. Of course you will have to change U-bolts, they are 3" and will have to fill and re drill the holes in the retainer plates.
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            I used a ford ranger 3.54 - 8 inch, same width as the old 27-4.11 I replaced, just had to change location of the pads. mac


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              forget to say the ranger rear end went in a 63 lark daytona, sorry about that. mac


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                53 coupe, 73 comet/maverick 8" have to move spring pads. If i recall correctly it is 57 inches total with the drums.

                I just looked it up 57 is correct.