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  • Rear Axle: Bearing sources

    Now doing rear brake job, and rear u-joint replacement.
    All parts already ordered from SI.
    Forgot to order axle bearings 1562421, cups 165167, and seal/retainer 533161.
    Are there alternate parts avialable from flaps or bearing suppliers ?
    Time is the main issue, low price would also be welcome after above costs to date.
    (Dana 44 TT, 57 Silver Hawk)

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    Look at Low prices, quick shipping. If nothing else, at least you can get the standard bearing numbers and go to a local bearing house for them.
    Gary Ash
    Dartmouth, Mass.

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      What Gary said, plus: If you look very carefully on the edges of the removed bearings, you can usually find a part number. 'May take a magnifying glass to see it.

      That number can be interchanged at 'most any FLAPS or, better yet, NAPA store, if the subject store does not carry that line of bearing. BP
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        Originally posted by garyash View Post
        Look at Low prices, quick shipping. If nothing else, at least you can get the standard bearing numbers and go to a local bearing house for them.
        Excellent suggestions, If you are in a smaller area, Dana/Spicer parts are pretty common at the local truck and 4X4 repair places.



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          Thank you all for the input ! I use Rock Auto for my other vehicles, now know they carry some Stude parts as well.
          Correct Bearing # is 530451, (not 1562421) and they have equivalent part.
          Roll on !


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            One neat thing about many of these bearings is that they are not always used strictly for automotive purposes. I learned that when I was an industrial distributor salesman and bearings was one of many products we sold. Like someone mentioned earlier, if you look on the edge of the bearing and find the manufacturer such as Timken or SKF (along with the part number) can often take that bearing to counter sales at a company like Motion Industries, etc. and get the bearing much cheaper. I have bought bearings for less than $10 that automotive suppliers wanted over $50.

            Sometimes, you will have problems with the bearing race number because the outside diameter of the particular race may no longer be available for that particular bearing. In that case you will need to try to source from the automotive part number.
            John Clary
            Greer, SC

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              Studebaker tapered axle is 14132T(make certain it has the T behind it) for the cone and 14276 for the cup.