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V8 Trust Shim Placement

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  • Engine: V8 Trust Shim Placement

    I have a full flow 289 used short block that I disassembled this winter. I have the block back from the machine shop and was getting ready to send them the crank. I thought it would be a good idea to record all the dimensions and clearances before I removed the timing gear from the crank. Upon close inspection I notice the shim pack for the thrust clearance is on the wrong side of the thrust washer! The motor appears to have been a running motor so I am a bit puzzeled. Anyone ever see this before?

    Jon Kammer

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    Someone must have been inside of your engine in the past and reinstalled the shims on the wrong side of the thrust washer. Installing the shims on the wrong side of the thrust washer makes no sense though as the crankshaft end play couldn't be set correctly. Bud


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      Gap is gap...
      If the correct gap/clearance was shimmed in, I'd be "really" surprised if the shims withstood the pounding and rpm of a moving object (crank) and a nonmoving object (bearing) for more thAn a few minutes of run time if they were up against the bearing.

      It's just the thrust washer is a "hard" part and much less prone to wear and ripping than the thin soft shims.