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  • Body / Glass: ratling and loose window

    My 1953 Starliner driver's side window has excessive play at the top and bottom when rolled up. the top portion can be out enough to stick your finger thru the clearance. There is a screw just inside the door panel near the rear top of the door when tightened helped a little but it still has more "play" than the passenger side door. I cant really detect what this screw adjusts. When I loosen it there is more play, but fully tightened doesnt bring it as snug as the passenger side.

    The passenger side closes fairly tight and stays in position against the rear quarter window. I would like to get the drivers side to stay a little tighter so i don't have to duct tape it to keep the air and noise out when I drive to Springfield.

    The door jamb felt that the window passes between looks in good condition. The manuals dont show anything that I might have missing.

    Any ideas on keeping the window a little tighter would be appreciated.


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    If I read your post correctly, the window sticks out from the side of the car at the top. If so, with the door panel removed, you will see two sets of two bolts low on the door. One set toward the rear and one set near the front. Those bolts hold the window runs (channel) in place. The bracket that holds the runs to the door has two bolts on the window channel and slots so the channel can be move in and out. Moving the bottom toward the outside of the door will bring the top of the window back toward the car. Play with it a little and you can change the gap.

    Hope that helps.



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      It is supposed to be in the 50's here tomorrow so I will get on it. sounds like a reasonable approach. I will report results


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        That window has a stop plate to limit upward travel near the top rear of door. Maybe out of adjustment. It is held in place by two bolts


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          After you get the adjustments (in/out, up) correct, make sure your "flapper" at the top of the door is working properly. I am assuming that the seal between the windows is there and in good shape. The rear quarter window should come up to vertical. It may need some help to get there.
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