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  • Engine Paint.

    I have an engine that needs painting but question the temp rating of 500F to last over the exhaust ports. The engine in question already has its last paint job heat and rust trouble in that area. Has any one had any trouble with the paint they used? Which paint will work well? The last few engines I painted were sixes so there were no exhaust runners to worry about.

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    Not sure if it is correct but I use Eastwwod's exhaust manifold paint, (grey) Lasts a long time but does eventually discolor and flake. Touch-ups are easy with a foam brush.


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      Advance Auto has a paint for that purpose, advertised as 1000 degree paint. I only saw flat black however.

      Joe D.


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        I have used these paints before but it was not the exhaust manifolds I was worried about but the exhaust runners from the head to the exhaust manifold. I just did not like the choise of colors of high temp paint as I would have to paint the heads. It does not matter any more as I have found the color for the ehgine and the paint in the temp rating I need.