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Champ grill for trade!!

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  • Body / Glass: Champ grill for trade!!

    I have a 1960 Lark Regal VIII with a Champ grill in it. I would like to trade the truck grill for a complete stock lark grill.....any takers?

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    Maybe, may depend on freight. We have a 62 and a 63 , I think are pretty good but would have to check. I htink are both v8 grilles.
    David Should I put my e-mail here, or do you have to reply through the forum?


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      I don't think the '62-'63 grill would fit a '60.
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        Right, only a 59 or 60 grille assy will fit. Even the 61 grille, although it looks the same, is wider. I saw your car today at the Petersen meet-good looking car there! Remember too that the Regal on the 59 & 60 used a 2 piece grille assembly-the grille mesh & a pot metal grille surround. Which you use is personal taste. Some just go with the mesh alone, like the Lark deluxe model.
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          Thanks Mr Webb!! That was my first ever car show, it was a good time!


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            Working out a trade for a '60 Lark Grille and Regal Moulding is quite possible, but it is going to depend on the QUALITY of the Champ Grille, they are chromed Pot Metal, unlike the Lark, so are subject to lots of pitting. Can you upload any Pics?


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              I'm not sure how to upload pics. If you e-mail me I can. It looks good from a little bit of distance, but it's pretty pitted. How much for the Lark grill and Regal moulding if you didn't like the Champ grill.