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I need the wheel size adn bolt pattern for a 1959 1/2 ton pickup truck.

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  • Wheels / Tires: I need the wheel size adn bolt pattern for a 1959 1/2 ton pickup truck.

    I am in the process of getting my Grandfathers old 1959 1/2 ton and it is missing the wheels and tires. Can anyone point me to where I could find that information as well as any techincial data that may be avaialbe for the truck.

    Thanks in advacne

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    If you just need something to get it rolling, lots of Chevy pickup wheels will fit Studebaker pickups. There are no other interchanges, that I know of, that will clear the hump in the drum and allow the wheel to seat properly against the face of the drum. If you want the correct stock wheels you can find them, but it will take a bit longer.
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      Both 15 and 16-inch wheels were available on the half-ton pickups. The 16" were 4.5 inches wide. I believe the 15" rims were 6" wide. The 16" were generally standard equipment, and gave a slightly higher cruising speed. The BP is 5x5" which as has been noted, is in common with many years of Chevy/GMC vans and pickups, but the Stude drums don't mate well with the GM wheels. I believe SI still has NOS 16 wheels for these trucks, which would be a good choice if you're aiming for an authentic restoration. Used ones come up all the time on ebay and might be okay if you're not planning to mount radial tires. If you're thinking of modifying the truck, there are ways to convert the rear drums to GM-style to allow mounting the GM wheels. Jim Turner sells a disc brake conversion for the front, which would also allow mounting GM truck wheels.
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