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Front sway bar bushings

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  • Front sway bar bushings

    Started the first baby step on my front-end teardown today by removing the sway bar. Lower a-arms were so caked up with grease and dirt inside it took 10 minutes just to find the bolt heads!

    Question: how do you install the inner sway bar bushings? I couldn't get the old ones off going around that sharp bend in the bar; had to cut 'em off. Do you grease up the bar? Soap?


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    Old bushings are often hard as a rock. New bushings should be more flexible. A clean sway bar, new bushings and a little silicone spray should do the deed. jv.



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      Just DO NOT use silicone spary anywhere NEAR anything you might wanna put paint on one day.[8]

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        Tire lube or a soap product will make the bushings slippery and will wash off to allow painting.

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