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12V V8 Distributor question

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  • 12V V8 Distributor question

    The distributor in my 64 Cruiser 289 has gone south on me. I bought a rebuilt one, but it is exhibiting the exact same charastics as the old one. I put a new condensor, points and cap on the rebuilt distributor, but to no avail. The car continues to run extremly rough and after 5 miles dies altogether. When it had run perfect after installing the new points, consedsor and cap.

    So my question:

    I have access to a 53 parts car with a 289 in it. I am assuming that it is 12V. Will any 259 or 289 distributor work in my 64 289?

    Thanks for the wize wisdom and sage advice!


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    Yes the early Delco, late Delco with the window, and the Prestolite all interchange but neither Delco will accept your New Points, Cond. Cap and Rotor if it's Prestolite.

    The 224, 259 289 Engines have no EXTERNAL differences.

    I hope you have throughly checked out the FUEL system, because there is a good chance that's the issue!
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      Thank you!


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        Verify that the wire going from the coil to the distributor is from the minus (-) terminal. If not, it could burn your points, leading to rough running, but not that fast.


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          Could be a bad resistor wire that connects to the coil +. You may need to replace the resistor wire with a copper wire and a dropping resistor.

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            I've had problems in the past with ignition coils overheating because of shorted internal windings. After a short time the coil will no longer function because of the overheating causing rough running or not running at all. If you decide to try another distributor, any one from a 224,259 or 289 will work as they have the correct advance curve for the later engines. Do not rule out a fuel problem as that will exhibit the same symptoms as a failing ignition system. Reversing the coil polarity won't cause the points to fail, but it will lower the available voltage to the plugs. If you have a test light, when the engine quits, check to see if you have power to the positive side of the coil as that will rule out a ballast resistor or ignition switch problem. Also distributors don't care whether they operate with 6 or 12 volts. Bud


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              Distributor wise...6 volts - 12 difference.
              Points or condensor. While the condensor may be slightly different in the way it's wound...I've had a "12 volt" condensor in my 6 volt Conestoga...for...well, for many years without problem.



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                Condensers [ capacitors ] do not care whether they are operating in a 6 or a 12 volt system as they have a voltage rating of around 600 volts as the peak inverse voltage generated by the coil when the points open is measured in hundreds of volts. Bud