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  • Old interor cloth

    My supplier send me pictures of some leftover fabric from years ago. I'm posting pictures in case someone see something they'd like to have made into seat upholstery. Most from $280 set, to $400 if you want machine stitched pleats. Click twice to enlarge.
    JDP Maryland

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    Nice stuff

    Wow John, that is quite a selection of nice older car material! I noticed right away that frame #1 -206, 207, 208 & 209 AND frame #2 -211, 602, 604, and 607 look very much like the '63-'64 Cloth Inserts that Studebaker used, but their's was a fairly durable material with the pattern having a raised Vinylized grain in it, making it quite resistant to wear more-so than just Cloth.

    I guess you would have to have the samples yourself to actually know if they are like that or not, but it is possible.
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