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Spark plugs & wires for electronic ignition

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  • Spark plugs & wires for electronic ignition

    I'm nearing the end of my conversion to Dave Thibault's electronic ignition system. This is a good time to also replace the ignition wires (for my 51 Champion).

    I've searched the old posts and found a lot of good info on spark plug equivalents, but no mention of electronic ignition.

    What are the correct ignition wires and spark plugs for this? Are the original (J7) plugs or equivalents OK for electronic ignition? If I upgrade to modern ignition wires are there any special types to use or avoid? Can I buy a set of wires easily from my FLAPS or do they have to be Studebaker Champion specific?

    thanks for your patience...

    Las Vegas, NV
    '51 Champion Business Coupe G899965 10G-Q4-1434

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    I would say the stock wires and plugs (your favorite choice) would work fine. The only other thing I might do is increase the gap on the plug a bit. Since you have a much stronger spark, the gap should be increased. I think Dave might have an idea of what the gap should be, I'm sure someone else would know too. I think the stock gap was 25 or 30? I would think 40 would be a good start. Of course larger gap means larger spark and therefore have better fuel/air ignition.

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