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T9 Replacement Compatibility

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  • T9 Replacement Compatibility

    I have a M15A-20 and the output and pilot bearing are on the edge. I have not looked at the gear teeth. I planned on replacing the bearings and if any gear looks bed, replace them also.

    But ebay has a newly rebuilt T9 for $300 but how can I determine that it will fit?

    The ebay transmission came out of a M16 which I presume had the big six not the Champion I have.

    Will the ebay transmission fit my M15A-20?
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    On a Car, the Champion clutch splines are smaller than Commander, meaning the Trans. Input shafts are also.

    On a Truck they may be the same, someone will have to look up the input shafts, or Clutch Disc. in the M Series Truck Parts Catalog to be sure.

    My suggestion would be to use a REAL Trans. NOT a straight cut gear, double clutching ancient type. The T-98 4 Speed is just the best, smoothest shifting tranny ever.
    Are you able to determine from the seller's measurements, the Bolt Pattern dimensions to know it the Case fits?
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      Thanks. I looked up the part numbers and the M16 T9 does have a different input shaft than the the M15/M15A T9.

      I think I'll pass on the ebay tranny. I'm getting advice on Truck Talk that I should chuck the T9 and go with a T98. Maybe someday...
      1948 M15A-20 Flatbed Truck Rescue
      See rescue progress here on this blog: