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Rear sway bars

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    Someone must have some pictures!
    Brian Woods
    1946 M Series (Shop Truck)


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      Originally posted by Mike Van Veghten View Post
      I know I welded the lower sway bar brackets onto the Chevy truck arms when I installed the quick change axle..!

      ohhh, that sounds yummy...any photos of the quick change?? thanks, Junior
      1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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        Originally posted by woodysrods View Post
        Someone must have some pictures! Brian
        The best I can do is this~

        That's what a '58 Packard sedan looks like.
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          Maybe I missed someone saying it, but the early one's (53-55)
          land cruiser and president, and some others had them as a option,
          are a simple bolt on. And like mentioned, early shocks must be used.
          If you have a new exhaust system, you MUST check for clearence.


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            I have a few questions:

            1. Do all of the early spring plates work or were there plates with tabs used on the Dana 27 axle?
            2. Do the sway bars used in the 57-58 Packards mount to the frame?
            3. Whats the difference between the early sedan set up and the later Lark rear sway bar?
            4. Does anyone have a picture from the parts book for the 57-58 rear sway bar? I'm sorry I'm a Lark guy and don't have any earlier manuals.



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              Many years ago I got the suspension and blower assembly of a 57 or 58 PackardBaker.

              When I installed the parts on my 53 Commander hardtop, I was surprised to find out the 53 frame was drilled for the rear sway bar brackets that mounted to the frame and installation was simply a bolt on.

              All the upgrades with a set of Michelin radials made quite a difference in the car.


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                These rear bars on the early cars were only installed on Land Cruiser or President Y body sedans so far as I know. Those have the #44 axle which is larger OD on the axle tubes compared to the #27 so far as I know. The plates hole spacing for the U bolts are drilled for that larger space for the larger OD axle. To put one on a car with a #27 would mean welding up the holes and drilling new ones I think or at least slotting the holes some.

                I have one of these bars on my '53 and it was a complete bolt-on. No need to drill or weld anything on the frame at all. The '53 was originally a Champion 6 with the #27 axle. I have a ford 8" Maverick rear in the car now and the OD of that axle is larger than the #44 from the '55 President sedan the plates came out of so I had to elongate the holes a bit to get the U bolts in. That is the only mod I needed to do to install this in my car.

                Jeff in ND


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                  Seems like I had to remove the differential snubber when I installed a mid '50's rear sway bar on my '64 Cruiser.
                  Don't the mid '60's rear bars have a curve in them to clear the snubber?