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Hawk steel wheel assistance needed

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  • Hawk steel wheel assistance needed

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    I just bought (in December) a set of the vintage Halibrand 5 spoke wheels. 15' x 6" 4" back space, 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern. The originals I believe were 15" x 4.5" back spacing unsure of, and a 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern.

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      Wheel Vintiques is a reputable, albiet very expensive vendor. If you want a restored/stock appearing wheel there is no reason to pay their price. One can buy a complete old Mopar car for what Wheel Vintiques would want for four wheels.

      Do a search on this forum and you'll have weeks of reading as to which Ford and Mopar 6"x15" wheels bolt on and look original.

      jack vines


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        New Huge Wheels

        AND, after you spend a fortune on their Wheels, you will be without any way to use stock Hub Caps or Wheelcovers! The only thing that works is their '40 Ford repro baby moons, or the flatter version, both of which look wrong on a Stude.
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          I ordered from Summit Racing the Wheel Vintique wheels for my 56 Power Hawk. I cannot find the receipt for the proper part number as I ordered the first one to see if it would fit.
          They are "Smoothie Bears" 15X6 with 4" offset. Price as of 11/13/09 was 49.95 per wheel. Full wheel covers fit perfectly. These wheels are primered-ready for paint. Hope this helps.

          Marshall R.


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            stock wheels on a '57 GH should be 15x5 not 4.5 and are the earlier style with the slots for hubcap clips (although a GH should use full wheel covers not hubcaps.) They should be pretty easy to find actually at any Stude swap meet. to be 100% correct I believe that the '57 ones do NOT have the little bumps between the lug nut holes like the earlier similar wheels do, although nobody will ever know unless you remove the wheel covers.

            I do not believe that those wheels will work with your turner brake conversion, however. The bolt pattern is as others have said 5 on 4.5" and the offset on them is about 3/4" - significantly more than most aftermarket wheels unless you get into wheels that are too wide to work anyway. 15x7" is about as wide as you can practically go on a stock C-K unless you're going to go to a larger wheel diameter and/or different offsets or widths front and rear.

            good luck

            55 Commander Starlight