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1963 Super Hawk with power brakes that won't stop well at all

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    There's a pipe plug on the rear (bottom) of the Hydrovac cannister. Uses a 1/4" wrench. If you can find a small basting syringe used in the kitchen ( Don't let your wife hear this), fill it with an ounce or two of Neatsfoot oil. (Found in Shoe Repair or Leather products/ Sporting goods, etc) and inject it into the drum. Inside the drum, there's a leather diaphragm with a rope seal around the edge. The rope wicks the oil up and distributes it onto the leather, keeping thngs in shape...
    64 GT Hawk (K7)
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      Thank you for that 64V-47, that is as i thought, though there's no reference to it in the manuals. Just today i had the same symptoms as steeve, no pressure from the pedal, all the brakes are excellent, a quick inspection shows air leaking around the check valve and the control tube grommet in the rear vacuum cylinder shell. It won't hurt to seal the grommet, they deteriorate, Studebaker Intl. doesn't list it. They were the original hose clamps, to bad, had to go.