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Back seat hard to get in( 1953 thru 1955 c,k models)

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  • Back seat hard to get in( 1953 thru 1955 c,k models)

    Last summer I couldn't get in the upper part of Back seat in the car ,maybe i added to much foam. I was wondering if I bent the tabs out more with a vise grips ,if that would catch the holes in the cardboard? Anybody have trouble getting their backseat in? I tried making the holes in the cardboard bigger. I don't think I should make the holes any bigger. Thanks.

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    The seat doesn't actually hang from the board. Is the board material covering the hangers?
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      I don't think the board is covering the tabs. I installed new board. I think I'll ask again when the weather warms up. The car is on jack stands ,and I don't dare ,get inside an start moving around.


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        No doubt too much foam. I used Dynaliner which is pretty thin stuff and still had to cut it out in spots to get the seat anchored.
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