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  • Roll-up anntenna

    I have a roll-up antenna (pictured here)

    that I have a question about. Either I have the wrong year antenna (possible) or the antenna doesn't go down all the way (also possible) It is a three-mast jobbie that otherwise works well regarding the operation of the handle you turn, but the lower mast doesn't retreat, making the job of installation,...ummm...interesting. Is this normal? How do I get the antenna to retreat all the way?
    '53 Commander
    Art Morrison chassis
    LS6 ASA/4L60E

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    You have the wrong year. This is the one you need.

    Take a look at other items for sale. Your,s fit later 1959 to 1965. Althought, I would like to have your antenna. Does it work. It you do not know, I can instruct you on checking to see if good. Call me at 530-320-6299 You would need an Ohm meter.


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      The Main Mast does NOT telescope anywhere near all the way down on that '62-'66 Type, (fits '59-'66) maybe about 12 inches is about it.
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        Assuming you get the right one. you'll probably have to pull out your carpet and padding to get as much room as possible. Then bend the mounting tab some too. Even then, you'll have to put enough pressure on the mast you may fear it buckling/kinking before it will feed up into the hole in the A post from inside the car. Every time I have had mine in/out for whatever reason it scares me for fear of damage.

        As far as I know the '53 to '58 versions are the same. I have one from a '58 sedan in my '53 hardtop and it was the same as a couple of mangled '53-'54 ones I got for parts (tri-star knob).

        Jeff in ND


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          ralt2, I got your studebaker antenna that you showed up above. I had to change the coax cable today. It was bad and was not working. It is fixed and working good. I sent you the correct antenna yesterday. Let me know how it works out for you.