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Accessory windshield washer system

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    Dick, you can run a quick check with a test light or your Fluke. At the washer switch both yellow wires should have Bat voltage with key on. So should the blue wire when the little pedal is pressed.

    Dwain G.
    So.....if I'm 'pre-approved' why do you want me to fill out an application?


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      I have a factory-installed windshield washer like you describe on my '63 Hawk. The wipers come ON whenever the foot-operated switch is activated. It is real handy for a brief wipe of the windshield when there isn't enough rain to require the wipers full-time. All done without taking a hand off the steering wheel. Sort of substitutes for the delayed wiper setting found on newer cars. Obviously, to spray water on the windshield you need to press the foot bulb hard enough to push water out. But, just tapping the foot switch starts the wipers without spraying and they run until normally seating at the bottom of the windshield, which can be as brief as one wiping motion. Much more useful than the plainer system without the foot switch.



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        Yep, mine obviously isn't working correctly. Dwain passed me a few more troubleshooting tips via email. Thanks Dwain. Most likely the trouble is in the switch at the washer pedal. I'll pull it out and see what I can do. Thanks, all, for your help.

        EVERYTHING works in this car from the lighter to the radio to the clock, etc...I CAN'T have a non op automatic windshield washer!

        Dick Steinkamp
        Bellingham, WA