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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Powershift Automatic

    The Powershift transmission in my 64 Hawk (now with 95,000 miles) hasn't given me any problems since its rebuild in 1987 (at 84,000 miles). I generally drive the Hawk for a few miles each weekend all year long. This past Saturday when I took the car out, the transmission for the first time seemed to be having some problems shifting. I was able to get home and put it in my garage. Then, Sunday, when I started the Hawk, the transmission did nothing regardless of which position I put it in, forward or reverse. My garage is very small and I can't even open the Hawk's hood with the car fully in it or put it on ramps there, so I couldn't really do any checking, but I didn't see any fluid underneath. I hope to pull the car out of the garage this weekend, if more of the ice has melted here and it's not too cold. Are there particular things that I should be looking for? Please reassure me, if possible, that this isn't necessarily a catastrophic failure.


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    Hopefully it is just very low on AT fluid due to a slow leak. That would be the best, of course it may be something more serious. Good luck! Let us know when you investigate further.
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      Just a thought. Since the powershift has cooler lines going to the radiator, check you coolant for trans fluid contamination too.
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        It looks like the immediate problem was low level of transmission fluid. I added a quart plus and now the transmission operates okay. Of course, the reason for the low level still requires investigation...


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          What is you middle name Lucky???
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