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Avanti clutch linkage fixes??

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  • Avanti clutch linkage fixes??

    For only having 65K on it my linkage- cross shaft has oblonged both the upper and lower holes, the ones for the rod from the pedal and the one that is the adjuster to the clutch fork. I seem to remember someone showing a repair that they did but a search on this sight turns up nothing. Thanks for the help Lou Cote

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    Lou, if I remember correctly, what one Member did is ream out the holes in the lever ends and install a Teflon bushing.
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      Well a machinist friend did come with a fix, he makes fixtures for a local aircraft manufacturer. He used drill bushings, they are a guide for a drill and are very hard. They can be ground down to the width of the cross shaft, they come in several ids. You won't be drilling one of those out. We drilled cross shaft under size then milled closer, finally pushed bushing with arbor press. Slops gone. Lou Cote RQB 4240


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        How do you drill undersize????
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          I wouldnt trust teflon, here is what I did :

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            UPDATE:, drill undersize of OD of said bushing, some rework of drilled hole so that bushing is press fit. I still wasn't happy with clutch operation, so out comes the cross shaft again. Hauled it to work, placed on mill & drill and drilled the upper hole [for rod from clutch pedal] to 1/2 " to fit bushings from Hurst pit pack. I had to cut down the height of the bushings to fit the the arm thickness. I tried this out in the garage today [ as it's been snowing all day] and worked as it should and has correct free play- no grinding into reverse. Lou Cote


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              Further update: after studying linkage in operation, with a helper, I found that the lower lever on the cross shaft had a twist in it, and wasn't running straight. so out with the hot wrench, clamp in vise and with a large crescent after appling appropriate amount of heat back to straight. Lou Cote RQB 4240