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Mechanical Brake Light Switch (Underfloor Pedals)

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  • Mechanical Brake Light Switch (Underfloor Pedals)

    Finally got tired of the hydraulic brake light switches not lasting very long (ie, requiring more and more pedal pressure to make the contacts) on my '54 sedan, and went with a mechanical switch. There have been several threads about how to add a mechanical switch to the later Larks and the Avantis with suspended pedals, but couldn't find one on cars with underfloor pedals.

    Ended up getting a Street Works adjustable brake light switch:

    The switch is actually a '40s/'50s Chevy switch that is modified to make it adjustable. Could have bought the Chev switch at the parts store and do the same thing, but didn't have time to chase down the parts. The bracket is threaded, but I did have to shorten the button head allen screws. Installation is easy, drill two holes and make a simple harness to plug into the connectors that used to plug into the hydraulic switch. I've got the switch adjusted so the brake lights go on at the 'bottom' of the pedal freeplay just before the brakes begin engaging.

    Best way to explain the installation is with a picture (taken before the splash cover over the brake/clutch pedals was put back):
    **Original pic was on Photobucket, and we all know what happened with them greedy folks. When I loaded the pic directly onto the forum, it rotated it. The pic should be rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise to look correct. Sorry.**
    Click image for larger version

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    That should work fine Paul, looks good. Thanks for sharing the good Pics.

    I like the Hi-Temp sleeving you put over your new wires, where do you buy it?
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      That comes from Restoration Specialties ( in PA. They have all kinds of great stuff.

      They call this 'Wiring Loom' in the catalog IIRC. The catalog can be downloaded as a .pdf from their website.
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        I used the same thing on my car-but i eliminated the bolt on little extension on the arm. I just don't think that one little screw is gonna keep it where I want it. The post that sits against the pedal can be installed right thru the first half of the lever,and no need for the extension.


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          Used a similar switch (from Summit or Speedway) as a back-up light switch on a'63Hawk 4-spd - Perfect @ 1/4 the price of an NOS.
          Paul K